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Sensory Friendly Checkout Lanes

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I would like to encourage large retailers, specifically Target to add sensory friendly checkout lanes in their retail stores. This would go a long way in creating an accepting environment for children that experience sensory overload issues by check out time after a shopping trip in your stores. Our family struggles with this in particular because we have a child with Autism and her low impulse control and sensory overload issues are triggered by the plethora of sweets available in the check out lanes. Once the candy, chocolate, and other snacks are within arm’s reach, the meltdown is inevitable. Not a temper tantrum, a meltdown, and yes there is a difference! We have also encountered judgement from other customers and employees who are ignorant to these issues in that they lack education and sensitivity training. The stares, comments, and eye rolls of disgust I could do without because the situation is already hard enough. If I see it, then my children are subject to that negative behavior as well. I would like to flip the script and turn this into a positive! I am not alone either, a sensory-friendly and snack free checkout lane would be helpful to many families with children that have dietary restrictions or meltdown behaviors related to a diagnosis/disorder or even a food allergy! These lanes will promote a sense of inclusion and create a smoother shopping experience overall. Let's get rid of the sugar high and replace it with sensory input tools parents can actually use. Putty, stress balls, bubbles, these things are not just toys but can help a child refocus and stay calm in overwhelming situations. It gives the family a choice and helps alleviate the difficulty of a simple shopping trip. It would also bring awareness and enlightenment to the employees working at these chains that you can't always see a disability and patience is necessary! In today’s society, understanding and support go a long way. How great would it be to see these corporations implementing a change like this to show it is sensitive to the struggles that many families face in today's world? I know that people would get behind this change, let's make shopping easier for all types of people who are different but not less! Let's be kind, and decent and make a positive change. This one little change can make a big difference to many people, I invite you to sign this petition to help light the way!

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