URGENT APPEAL for medical licence for medicinal cannabis for KENNY TYNAN.

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Kenny Tynan, of Athlone, County Westmeath is a young family man, much loved Son, much loved Father and much loved friend and popular dj and musician . Kenny was diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumour in 2015. After rounds of treatment Kenny recovered but only to be told in 2016 that his tumour had returned and was growing,  treatment had failed. Having already lost his Mother to Cancer following rounds of intensive chemotherapy, Kenny decided he would go to the Kalapa Clinic in Zaragoza,  Spain for 3 months of treatment on the brain tumour using pharmaceutical grade medicinal cannabis oil and under the care of the professionals there. He was funded by a "Go fund me" page to help with the costs of his stay and subsequent treatment, which as you know, relies on the kindness of both friends and strangers alike to donate towards the costs of his travel, his accommodation and treatment.  The effect was almost immediate and within the first couple of weeks Kenny found that he was able to reduce the dosage of some of the other prescription drugs he was taking. Some months later,  Kenny came home to Ireland for Christmas and had improved dramatically,  in every aspect of his health including the treatment of the brain tumour which had ceased growing.  However,  Kenny and his family have found themselves in a nightmare situation earlier this month,  April 2018 when Irish customs through the mail service confiscated Kenny's medication,  €500 worth, despite the fact Kenny has a recognised medical prescription from the very experienced and fully qualified staff of the Kalapa Clinic. There is now 8 people in Ireland who have been granted a licence by you, Minister for Health Simon Harris,  on compassionate grounds. Yet Kenny Tynan's pleas for same has gone unanswered despite the Minister stating that the licence can be availed of on compassionate grounds for any individual who needs it. MINISTER HARRIS,  Kenny Tynan needs this licence with immediate effect or he will die. It is that straight forward.  Kenny's family, his friends and The Irish People vehemently request that you grant him the licence and the right to his health. We also request that the Medicinal Cannabis Bill submitted for the second time and which has passed the most crucial initial stages and ready to be signed off on with some deliberation, be brought before the Dail and implemented as soon as possible. Kenny Tynan's life hangs in the balance here. Please make good on the promise you have made to Kenny. There are people on this Island watching and waiting, some who are also in dire situations, we appeal to you and your fellow Ministers and with the support of many TD's to do the right thing by your people , especially Kenny Tynan.  I have health issues,  life altering and life limiting illnesses and I would, on no uncertain terms benefit from the treatment of Medicinal pharmaceutical grade Cannabis oil, as would many others,  not to mention the economic pro's to enacting said legislation. Let Ireland set a new precedent in paving the way forward for an optional form of treatment in the developed world. Please SAVE KENNY TYNAN'S LIFE. Go raibh mile maith agaibh. Your's Sincerely, Mike Cunningham and the People of Ireland .

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