Let the dogs run!

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Everyday for the past few years, many dogs from nearby flats and condominiums will gather to have fun at an unused open space along Alexandra canal, at Prince Philip Avenue in Singapore. 

Every evening, these dogs get to meet their paw-friends to socialize, play fetch and give chase. All of the owners are responsible individuals who keep a lookout for each others' dogs to make sure they are well-behaved. We will make sure that we recall the dogs should they run offside to the roads/pavements. Most of the dogs follow commands and are well-trained. 

For dogs with behavioral issues, the owner will leash them tight by their side and watch them closely. We will also picked up the dogs' poo and discard them into the bins nearby. Everybody is really friendly and responsible. Although it is an unused land, it is clean and green. 

The dogs and us enjoy the one hour from 6 pm to 7 pm in the evening daily whereby our dogs can exhaust their energy, exercise and bond at the same time. Many times, family with kids and passerby who love dogs will pop by to take pictures with the doggies and play with them. Nobody has been bitten before. 

But due to a complaint received by AVA of a dog running off field but was recalled back by this owner within secs, nightmare befall thereafter. AVA sent people down to ban the dogs from running around unless they are leashed up. For those with dogs, they will know that how can the doggies have fun with each other when leashed? How do they play fetch and exercise when the leash is on? 

Witnesses during that incident can justify that the dog just got excited and ran off the track but was recalled back immediately. Nobody was hurt or bitten during that time. But those who aren't dog lovers were not happy with that and lodged a complain that caused much misery to the dogs who can no longer run freely. The dogs now are sad as they know they have lost their freedom, you can feel their emotions from their looks and body language. 

We spoke to the personnel on duty to suggest fencing up the unused space to convert it into a dog run park so that our dogs can run and play again. But apparently it's not that simple. Thus i am here starting this petition to voice out our views and to ask for more support from dog lovers and owners involved to show the authorities that besides human rights we should respect animal rights too. We should turn the place into a dog run so that the dogs can enjoy their fun while those who aren't dog lovers will be assured that the dogs would not be able to reach or touch them. 

Can AVA and Tanjong Pagar GRC consider this proposal of converting the land into a dog run? It's really more convenient to bring our dogs here than to travel all the way to faraway dog runs which is troublesome as dogs aren't allowed on major transports in Singapore. The dogs can only have that hour of fun every evening, is that really too much to ask for? 

Let the dogs run once again! Dogs are family!

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