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Save Wolves in Wisconsin

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We are calling on our Senators and Representatives in the state of Wisconsin asking that they vote no on bill S.164.

Bill S.164 (aka "The War On Wolves Act") is a bill to direct the Secretary of the Interior to reissue the final rules relating to the listing of the gray wolf in the Western Great Lakes (including Wisconsin, Minnesota, & Michigan) and the State of Wyoming. 

If passed bill S.164 will not only remove Endangered Species Act protections from wolves in Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Wyoming, but it will also strip citizens of the right to challenge it in court.

One need look no further than Yellowstone National Park to understand how vital wolves are to a healthy ecosystem. When wolves were reintroduced back into the park -Amazing changes came with them. This is because wolves are apex predators that create a "trophic cascade" of benefits in their ecosystem, restoring balance the entire way down the food chain. 

In addition - Anti Wolf policies like bill S.164 do damage to small, family owned farms where problems with wolves killing livestock actually take place. It has been scientifically demonstrated that killing problem wolves leads to a direct correlation in increased livestock depredation. This is because the wolf killings disrupt pack order and disperse wolves into new areas, and the then weakened packs are forced to seek easier prey than the wild animals they typically focus on.

Support a healthy Wisconsin ecosystem, Protect Nature, and Preserve our gray wolf population by voting no on bill S.164. 













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