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Bring back safe roadways in East Granby! Lets put an end to the truck traffic!

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Over the last 3 years the amount of Commercial Truck traffic and overall speed on our residential roads has reached an unsafe level.  Trucks regularly ramble past our homes going well over the posted speed limit with no regard for anything other than their destination. With the addition of more distribution centers came more trucks, to the point that they now come at all hours of the day.  I myself have had things knocked off my mantle and walls as result of a truck speeding down Seymour Rd. The ones at 2 and 3 am shake me out of my sleep. I am not the only one impacted, I fear for the safety of the people who live on  Spoonville Rd, Hatchet Hill Rd, Main st. and other roads in town. I fear for the trick or treaters every Halloween, or the kids who try to cross the street to go see their friends during summer vacation. I worry for pets like mine who if they ever got loose wouldn't stand a chance if they tried to cross the road to follow a scent.  I am also concerned that for those of us who may want to sell our homes, may have to do so at a significant loss due to the amount of highway level traffic around our homes.  I drew the line in the sand when a truck came down the hill on Seymour Rd. and went speeding past a school bus about to put its stop sign out.

To solve this problem there are a few avenues of change we can take,  in the case of Seymour Rd and Spoonville Rd. Speed tables and a reduced speed limit of 25mph will make this a less attractive short cut to those drivers who seem to see an easier highway access by speeding by our homes. They have many of these in West Hartford.

Another possible solution is to make our roads "No Thru Trucks" or "Axel and Weight Limit Restricted" Roads, that will allow our police and state authorities to enforce and fine any truck found disobeying. To go along with this the installation of better signage i.e. "No right turn for Trucks," or "All trucks must go straight." Better signage around our roadways will make a big difference.

Better signage must also be installed at the offending distribution centers directing trucks to go the correct ways to the highway. Lastly we need better police enforcement and presence in these areas as this alone will stop a lot of the speeding.

It is time to take back our town and stop the degradation of our quality of life, home values and safety of our residents, if we succeed we can start seeing this town for all the great that it has and has had in the past. If we fail I think it only a matter of time before it costs somebody their life or the life of someone they care about.


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