Stop the relocation of violent sexual predators to Spokane, WA.

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We, the undersigned, oppose the relocation of violent sexual predators to Spokane, WA.

There are multiple properties housing violent offenders in Spokane, WA. To make matters worse, they are owned and managed by offenders! The owner, Jason Wolfe, committed sexual abuse in Oregon. The manager, Patrick Kinchler III has molested children. Both men promise to keep a close eye on the criminals they house, but can they be trusted?  

Very few offenders have received therapy and even fewer qualify for the DOC Housing voucher program. The program helps these men transition back to the community, though it is not guaranteed they will not reoffend. None of this makes sense.  
Not only are they roommates, they are also allowed liberty "under supervision." There is absolutely no reason these men should be anywhere except in the prison. Instead of paying to keep these criminals happy and comfortable, the state of Washington should be focused on the community’s concerns. They have committed unforgiving crimes to helpless, underaged victims. Why should these men be able to enjoy the warmth of the sun amongst the free? How do the chaperones know the criminals aren’t preying while they are out? How are parents supposed to know their children are being watched inappropriately? This is unacceptable and needs to stop. On top of all of this, the state enters them in the database as just “sexual predators.” This makes it difficult for law enforcement to keep these criminals in check. This negligence has gone on long enough and needs to end now!