Lily’s Kitchen asks people to pledge #PeaceForPets to limit pet stress this Bonfire Night

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Lily’s Kitchen wants you to to pledge #PeaceForPets and limit pets’ stress this Bonfire Night

This Bonfire Night, Lily’s Kitchen is urging the public to only light fireworks* between 7-8pm, in order to limit the stress caused for our wonderful woofers and fabulous felines.

Bonfire Night can be a traumatic and unpredictable evening for pets and pet parents alike, filled with sudden loud noises, startling bangs and frightening flashes. With public fireworks displays being cancelled in order to support ongoing public health efforts, this year is set to be one of the most disruptive yet; with fireworks being set off in gardens and driveways all over the country, all night long.

Whilst many of us might be looking forward to a night of festivities, we also know that our four-legged friends won’t share the excitement. So, Lily’s Kitchen is inviting the public to set off their whizz-bangs at the same time all over the country so that dogs and cats only have to endure one hour of nasty noises before they can go back to chewing shoes and purring on the sofa.

Not only will the nation’s pets have a much more relaxing evening with only one hour of noise and bright flashes to endure, but we as a community will still be able to enjoy a moment together (from the socially-distanced safety of our own gardens.)

So remember, remember, Thursday, the 5th of November – but only at 7pm sharp!

Will you pledge to sign our petition? #PeaceForPets

* Fireworks should only ever be lit outdoors under appropriate adult supervision, following all safety rules. Never approach a firework that has failed to light.