Put an end to the murder and violence caused by police in the black community!

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Black men and women are being murdered by police all over the world . Recently, we’ve seen some horrifying examples of how this is an issue . We’ve tragically witnessed the horrifying deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and even more recently, In our city of Toronto a young woman, Regis Korchinski-Paquet was pushed off her balcony by police and told people standing by to not call enforcement due to suicide .  we cannot let this continue any further . We as people are responsible for doing everything we can to end this nightmare, these events are a direct violation of human rights and basic human morals ! These are our co-workers , friends, Husbands, wives, brothers , sisters and cousins being killed ... We have to take a stand for what’s right even if it’s something as small as signing a petition. The bigger plan of this project is to take this to our city mayor/ gov officials and implement a mandatory regular evaluation ; both psychological and work related . Every officer should be obligated to be EXTENSIVELY trained on how to deal with the public and difficult situations in where a suspect may or can be harmed . Police officers are to be required to follow a new safety procedure and guidelines to where weapons are not used on civilians. As well as reducing the amount officers all together and hiring those who have been already evaluated and accepted as a good fit . The racial profiling needs to stop and this is something I plan to bring to the attention of the counsel of our city. Please join me and stand up against what is straight blatant murder . Every signature counts :)