Zoids Wild Nintendo Switch Western Release

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Zoids Wild for Nintendo Switch is a potential hit the western world is missing out on. For those unaware of what Zoids is and what the game is I'll simplify. 

Zoids is an 80s/90s Anime series based around a model toy range of the same name. Basically animal robots controlled by pilots are used as mech-warriors. Zoids Wild is a new Nintendo Switch game made by Takara Tomy based on the Anime series of the same name. The game is in my view a potential classic for two reasons.

1) it is a fighting game that is similar to street fighter in regards to finishers, combos and move sets however within a 3D arena rather than a linear level. This adds something different to both challenge players and add flair to a tried and true formula that is much loved by fighting game fans. 

2) this opens the door to Zoids Chaotic Century getting its own game. For those that haven't seen the series Chaotic Century is a post apocalyptic  world similar to Mad Max with tribes/factions scattered throughout. Humans use Zoids as weapons to survive/dominate their unforgiving world. The series, which is a cult classic in both Japan and the western world, plays out almost exactly like a modern day video game and could be made into an open world masterpiece like Zelda: Breath of the Wild easily. 

If you're a Nintendo Switch owner wanting more quality titles, a fighting game fan wanting something new, or Zoids fan sign this petition to get Takara Tomy to see the potential money to be made by dubbing their Zoids Wild game for western world release. With fan support and positive reviews from the industry after release Zoids Wild could be very profitable, add a brilliant game to the Nintendo Switch library and open the door to open world/fighting game crossovers in the future.