Create an Ordinance to Support TNVR of Community Cats and Organized Feeding

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The issue of managing the stray / community cat population creates dissent among neighbors, animal rights advocates, city leaders and its constituents.  There will always be concerns on public health, nuisances and animal welfare.  Finding the middle-ground that will benefit the WHOLE COMMUNITY, without prejudice, is what we are aiming for.

We therefore propose that there be a city ordinance that recognizes the following:

1.  Sterilization (kapon) of the cats through a Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) Program is the only system to effectively reduce or stabilize the population of the stray / community cats.

2. TNVR will address the concerns on potential diseases (like rabies), increase the quality of life of the Taguig city constituents and as well as the cat population.

3. Returning the sterilized cats into the area is cost-effective.  Diverting to TNVR efforts the otherwise limited resources of the city to keep funding the upkeep of the pound and euthanizing unclaimed cats is the wiser choice.

4. Trap and Remove is a band-aid solution and is ineffective. It results to a temporary reduction of the numbers and creates more problems than solving them.  Relocated cats will just be someone else's problem as it will create a new cat colony elsewhere. The remaining untrapped cats will take over the recently vacated area and keep on reproducing (otherwise known as "the vacuum effect").  Euthanizing the trapped cats is also costly.

5.  Humane deterrents to keep away cats from property and having a civil dialogue with the stakeholders will help mediate cat-related nuisance.

6.  TNVR to go hand-in-hand with an organized, feeding program, to address public sanitation concerns and other nuisances.  Bans on feeding the stray cats does NOT do anything to reduce the population.  The ban forces the cats to rummage through the trash bins, go closer to businesses and homes in their search for a new food source- therefore increasing the complaints.