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Residents of Malanda and the Tablelands Community are concerned about the Tableland Regional Council's intent on removing a historic avenue of Camphor Laurel Trees in Mary St in front of the Local Primary School.

Many of these 94 year old historic trees are able to be retained with the right maintenance and care. They provide shade to the street, parents, children and locals as well as providing important wildlife habitat, character and amenity to the area.

Time is of the essence as they plan to remove in the week commencing 14 Jan

Please SIGN & SHARE this petition and HELP the COMMUNITY & RESIDENTS SAVE & PRESERVE these historic trees.

Some background below:
The focus from the council has been their removal rather than preservation even though residents and the community have placed objections. An experienced retired Arborist with a background in helping preserve old trees has provided a report that with proper maintenance the trees would cause no danger or damage to the street.

The council's Arborist said for the development to proceed the Trees will have to be removed and this is the report that the council is using to push for their removal. It also stated the trees were of low retention value and had potential limb drop. However the stated concerns are unfounded as Camphor Laurel Trees do not suddenly drop limbs as stated and have withstood two severe cyclones in the last 20 years. 

Precedents for the preservation of Heritage Camphor Laurels exist both in the Toowoomba and Brisbane City Council regions who recognise the character of a street and town is connected to the natural ambience that these trees bring.

The Tablelands Regional Council briefly met with residents on Wed 9/1/19 and seemed closed to a preservation discussion and more intent on pushing why they would be cut down. The residents received an email late on Fri 11/1/19 after business hours advising the Council would proceed with cutting them down in the week commencing 14/1/19 - giving little time to respond.

The removal of these 94 year old trees will destroy a significant historic streetscape and leave a scarred medium strip as the proposed new trees will take at least 10 years for significant growth, it will take away shade for parents and children, devalue the houses along that street for loss of aesthetic appeal and take away important habitat for wildlife.

If allowed to proceed the Council will remove/lop and poison the trees this week, 3  months prior to their project commencement in April. The suggested removal of these beautiful trees 3 months before their project commencement in the hottest time of the North Queensland summer is extremely distressing to the residents that live on this beautiful tree lined street and shows a lack of regard for a possible alternative solution to be found.

Time is of the essence - Please SIGN & SHARE this petition and HELP the COMMUNITY & RESIDENTS SAVE & PRESERVE these historic trees.