Stop the abusive, excessive valuation charges by T&T Customs Division on local businesses.

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Starting at or around early 2020, there has been a noticeable change to the way in which Customs & Excise division has been evaluating packages inbound to T&T.

If the law is ambiguous, the process for evaluating packages needs to be amended to accurately reflect:
- VAT based on the *actual* CIF value of the shipment
- Duty based on the *actual* CIF value of the shipment
- OPT where applicable for *personal* purchases

For the past few months, VAT, Duty & OPT charges seem to be skyrocketing on products that have been re-ordered, across the board, from "basic" items through "luxury" items.

We already have enough issues with inflation, high unemployment and other issues affecting our local businesses; we cannot afford to be perceived as "price gouging" to our customers, especially not at this time.

If you intend to setup protectionism styled charges for items that can be manufactured locally, then that needs to be stipulated in great detail as well. As far as i am aware, we do not manufacture intricate electronics locally.  

We want our voices to be heard. Please share your proof of excessive taxes here or email to

If our voices are not heard, we will seek legal advice on how we can win this as a community.