Stop serving live animals at restaurants and putting them through excruciating pain.

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Restaurants in Los Angeles and New York and probably other places are mutilating and serving up live animals. At T Equals Fish the Chefs hold down octopuses while still alive and chop off their sensitive arms, these arms even though they have been chopped off still move as they are reacting to stimuli. They are then served still writhing to customers, this happened to an octopus which they named Pearl. After she had some of her arms cut off she gets moved to the side still alive until someone else orders octopus then more of her arms are cut off, then when all her arms are gone the Chef would rip open her mantle and tear out her intestines then leave her to die. Dr Jennifer Mather an expert on cephalopods said that octopuses would feel every second of that pain same as you would feel pain if someone chopped your legs off. This is absolutely disgusting! This happens to other animals as well prawns, shrimps and lobsters have their tails torn off then placed next to their still living bodies and then are boiled alive. These animals are torn apart and boiled alive just to provide a small meal, they go through excruciating pain and it's barbaric! There is also a study that shows prawns, shrimp, lobsters and other sea creatures show signs of high motivation to escape when in these situations and show strong psychological stress and anxiety levels during the treatment they go through. T Equals Fish and Silk Gaek are the main culprits for this treatment please sign to help stop this! You can also call T Equals Fish (213-380-3385) and Silk Gaek (718-205-4555) to urge them to stop this cruelty.