Don't Waste Glebe Island

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Don’t let the NSW Government break another promise and turn Glebe Island into an industrial site rather than an iconic waterfront destination.

The NSW Government declared Glebe Island and The Bays Precinct a Growth Centre in 2017, recommitting to plans to turn the area into a hub for Sydneysiders and tourists alike, complete with stunning waterfront destinations, new open public spaces, community hubs, recreation and cultural facilities, and a major employment centre for thousands of high-value ‘jobs of the future’, as set out in the 2015 Transformation Plan.

Glebe Island has the potential to provide billions of dollars worth of economic value to Sydney’s economy each year as a tourism, innovation and high-value employment hub. Similar harbourfront destinations like Barangaroo inject $1.5 billion into the NSW economy each year.

Another broken promise by the NSW Government

In January 2018, the Port Authority of NSW announced plans to turn Glebe Island into a 24/7 multi-user facility for the import, storage and distribution of dry bulk materials. Hanson Concrete has also announced plans to open a Concrete Batching Plant and bulk aggregate distribution facility on the site.

The NSW Government has backflipped on its promise for Glebe Island. Sydney deserves Glebe Island to become an iconic waterfront destination like the world-class Opera House and Barangaroo sites.

The terrible impacts

The industrialisation of Glebe Island will be an eyesore on the iconic Sydney Harbour, devaluing Sydney’s harbour views and negatively impacting tourism, including the $5 billion cruise industry.

Over 1 million trucks will be added to the surrounding roads each year, centralising traffic congestion around already busy arterial roads including the City West Link, ANZAC Bridge and Victoria Rd. Tens of thousands of commuters from all over Sydney will be affected with major traffic delays and loss of productivity.

The plans for the site as well as the added traffic congestion will have environmental impacts including noise, visual and air pollution affecting tens of thousands of Sydney families and commuters.

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