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We own the property located at 2825 Pine Hill Road and run an organization call ed Canine Estates at the property which provides for the rescue, care, rehabilitation and housing for unwanted, neglected and abused animals.  We understand that you may have received a letter from a neighbor, Andi Brown, concerning us, our property and Canine Estates.  The letter contains false, misleading and unsupported statements.  The following will provide the truth and clarity about Canine Estates and its current outstanding application with the County. 

The property is zoned Residential Agricultural (R-A) which allows residential uses and various non-residential uses including low intensity parks and recreation areas, family day cares, wireless communication towers, and community gardens, amongst other uses.  The County recently advised us that Canine Estates’ activities constitute a “kennel” under their Code which is not a permitted use but is a Type 2 Use which requires a use approval by the County Board of Adjustment and Appeals.  As such, we have filed a Type 2 Use Application with the County and are proceeding with the application process to allow Canine Estates to continue to operate as it has for 8 years.

We received a letter from Ms. Brown recently regarding the above and reasonably believe that it was distributed to you and others.  The letter states that we are opening a commercial business, taking down trees, paving a parking lot, and inviting the public to come and also states that this commercial business will result in more traffic, more noise, strangers coming and going on your private streets and a “sharp decline” in your property value.  The letter concludes by asking you to sign the attached petition which opposes our application and will be sent to the County.

The above-referenced statements in the letter are either false, misleading or completely unsupported.  First, we are not opening up a commercial business and inviting the public to come to the property.  Canine Estates only houses and cares for the dogs at the property.  All interviews with potential adopters and introductions to the dogs occur at our office located off of Alternate U.S. 19.  As such, no members of the public are invited to come to the property to visit with the dogs.  Second, we are not cutting down trees.  Third, we are not paving a parking lot.  Fourth, there is nothing to suggest that Canine Estates will generate more traffic if the application is granted.  Very few volunteers come to the property to assist with the dogs and they access the property from Alderman and only travel on Pine Hill Road for a very short distance.  In addition, they never have to travel any further down Pine Hill past the property because it is a dead end street with no outlet.  Fifth, there is nothing to suggest that there will be more noise.  In fact, our application puts limitations on ourselves such that we cannot have more than 25 dogs, the dogs must be under 25 pounds and they must be kept inside at night.  Sixth, there is nothing to suggest that “strangers” will be coming and going on Pine Hill Road for the reasons stated above.  In addition, Canine Estates has operated at the property for 8 years and this has never been an issue.  And seventh, of course, there is no evidence that allowing Canine Estates to continue to operate will result in a sharp decline in your property value.  To the contrary, according to the County Property Appraiser’s website, market values of the surrounding properties have increased during the past 8 years that Canine Estates has operated at the property.

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