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Sweden, give freedom to Mimmi, Rozita and Romen Tomovi-K.

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Hi! My tree kidds Mimmi, Rozita and Romen Tomovi-Kallmyr are stolen from their father by falce signal to the Swedish Soc. Service (when their father was traveling abroad - but nothing happened to the children!). Social service took kontakt with the Swedish Tax-autority Skatteverket and they payed to a translator who MANIPULATED a translation from Bulgarian and took my custody from a huge sentence from a Bulgarian court nr 70463/2011!! They did not want to read paragraphs behind this sentence in the text pointed theere in the Swedish soc. service and municipial political board in Uddevalla Municipality!  They did that in 10 months without to say a word to me. In 3 months the Social service manipulated my daughter Mimmi to lie that the children are not living in the Kommunal Isolator Athenagourden in Uddevalla, Sweden, but are at home, so that i can not seek for my stolen custody rights and to complain against the fake with the translation. Mimmi is a vegan but the personal in Athenagourden can not vegan food. When other chilidren eat she is living hungry. She lost 15 kg and is now in anorexia. She cries all the days and wants out to mother and father and so do the rest of the children. Mimmi is stopped since 18 Sept 2012 and not allow to go to scool. The 1st of Dec they took their phones so no Netchattng with Bulgariian friends either. Mimmi, Rozita and Romen are afraid for the personal. This is an illegally kidnapping form the Social Service in Uddevalla, since i have fULL Custody rights and the kidds belong to me. The social service should have phoned me and returned the kidds to where they belong - to the mothers home. Yes i have a Regime for contacts but it s in use when the children are outside Bulgaria. Those are untill 80% Bulgarian kidds and socialised in the Bulgarian culture and are used to play outside and never be locked in months in 1 room! Mimmi has not seen daylight in soon 4 months. The Swedish social service is not respecting Bulgarian courts and sentences and say that the kidds are ill because it s Mothers fault. But i have not seen my children nor met them since 13 Dec 2011!

Mimmis life is today in great Danger. The Swedish social service does not care abt officially documents - neighter from Swedish nor Bulgarian doctores, courts etc. A word and insult from them is more worth for their decisions than tones with documents!!!

Pls, sign this petition and demand the Swedish government to follow Bulgarian court and Sentence and legallly return the kidds to their Mother in Bulgaria where all the 3 kidds bellong according to the Bulgarian Court sentence in 70463 from 2011, Montana court, Bulgaria and according to the Swedish Malmoe Court sentence from 28.09.1998. The Swedish social service lies that me and Mimmi have mental problems, but we have pappers from doctors that so is not at all the case...

The conclusion of the Chief for Social Service in Bulgaria (already in febr 2008) after receiveing the letter from the contact persone for the children Katarina Roslund (wich is more strange than enough contact persone for my children when they are locked there in Athenagorden in Uddevalla), was that “this is a case of revenge and misuse of power”. Since she act after this my complaint wich You see here to the Swedish policehouse in her city Uddevalla, where shee got almost same description from the police “misconduct with crime code 2001” wich You see from the photo

Крайният извод на шефа на Соц. служба в България (още през февр. 2008 г.) след като получи лъжливото писмо от днешното контактно лице на децата Катарина Розлунд (която е контактно лице на заключените ми в Атенагоурден деца в ...Уддевалла днес, кой знае защо), че „това еслучай на злоупотреба с власт и със служебни правомощия и на отмъщение“. След като тя писа писмото веднага след като я бях съобщила в Полицията в Уддевалла, където тя бе окачествена със същото му описание „служебна грешка с код на престъплението 2001“, което виждате от снимката.

Slutsatsen för den stora utredningen hos chefen för Socialtjänsten i Bulgarien redan under februari 2008 efter att han erhöll ett brev fyllt med falska anklagelser mot mig från dagens kontaktperson inne för mina inlåsta på Athenagården i Uddevalla barn – Katarina Roslund där, var ”Det handlar om ett fall med maktmissbruk och om fall med hämnd”. Hans ord stämde även på polishuset i Västragötaland, som har klassificerat fallet som ”tjänstefel med brottskod 2001”. Vad de nu den koden betyder (jag jobbar inte på polisen och vet ej)?

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