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Universities spend thousands of pounds on clothes every year. Many of these products are produced in sweatshop conditions in the developing world. We have a chance to change this.

If Swansea University signs up to the Workers' Rights Consortium:

- They will independently monitor the conditions of the factories indirectly used by the university.

- Swansea University will then be able to make sure that no sweatshop labour is ever used in its supply chain!

- This move will also help the university to move further up the green league!


Letter to
Head of Procurement, Swansea University Rhidian Morgan
Vice-Chancellor, Swansea University Professor Richard B. Davies
We the undersigned demand accountable and ethical practice from Swansea University.

Currently, there are no other organisations who provide the same service that the Workers' Rights Consortium provide. They independently monitor factories across the world to assess working conditions. Affiliating to the Workers' Rights Consortium would mean that Swansea University can ensure that the workers producing the clothes in its supply chain have been paid what they deserve.

There is currently an international crisis with major companies not recognising the basic right of workers' to collective bargaining. In order to cut costs, workers face cuts in safety standards. This causes disastrous results; so far this year, 118 workers have been killed in factory fires in Bangladesh, a major global exporter of textile products.

Public institutions such as universities have a large role to play in bringing about change. Accordingly, 220 students’ unions, 181 colleges and universities and 2 cities have already affiliated to the Workers' Rights Consortium in the UK and US alone.

We want Swansea University to take action. Please affiliate to the Workers' Rights Consortium.

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