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Samantha P.
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Apr 26, 2017 — A journalists favorite term. This is one of those times where a story just keeps on giving, you never know what you might learn and who you might touch just by telling the truth. Let me start by saying, I'm sorry it's been so long since my last update. This is a story that is based on the Education System, so nothing developed over the weekend, and let's be honest in a situation like this, anything that happens is going to take time. I can assure all of you that this story is not going away. I will say that there has been some movement on the part of the school board, but I can't confirm specifically what happened, or if any charges will be filed against the students involved. Like I said, this is a Developing Story. The information that I have at the moment has to stay private, but hopefully I can release those details soon.

Here's what I can say! THANK YOU! Mr. L has support from people all around the nation, and I know that he appreciates it.

This story grew into unintentional places, so let me be clear, I am not going to that School Board Meeting to protest; I will not be calling for the principal at Swansboro High School to step down. Many of you might be thinking, Why? The simple answer is, that's not what I believe Mr. L would want. Why do I say that? Because, while he might have been teaching me Francais, what I took away from his class was his heart. He taught his students to live for love, and to walk through life with compassion and empathy. Keep that in mind! The principal at the school faced down a difficult situation with a beloved teacher. This all started with the decision of a few students to Cyberbully an educator, that's what is at issue here, not whether or not, a principal should step down, or be fired. Here's a thought, why should any educator suffer or lose their position, based on the bad decisions of students? My answer, THEY SHOULDN'T. That's why this petition began, and that's the position I will continue to hold steadfast.

As for the planned protests or the impression that some people have about the school board meeting. We all have our different reasons for attending, I won't stop you from expressing your opinion or concern over this issue however you see fit. What I will say is my position. This is about stopping Cyberbullying, and helping to form a plan of action in Onslow County schools to help educators approach this topic. This is also about the culture of isolationism perpetuated among educators in the district. I know there are many teachers out there that wanted to stand on Mr. L's side, but were too afraid of backlash to do so, and for that I am sorry. So let's start a conversation about that. We all know that the first step to progress is simply voicing the issue at hand.

This is a petition in support of an educator, so let's add another assignment. Sometime this month make it a mission to talk to an educator about what matters to them. Let's learn a lesson from the people who make it their job to teach. Reach out to your child's teacher, or even a former teacher and learn what they think could improve in our society or even your local neighborhood. You might be surprised what they say.

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