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Appeal by Manipal Birders Club to conserve Indrali Temple forest area

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An appeal by the Manipal Birders Club to the Swamiji of Admar mutt

His Holiness Swamiji,

We want to bring to your notice that the forest belt (13.338 N, 74.778 E; ) in the vicinity of Indrani Temple with ponds, streams, thick vegetation is a birder's paradise. More than 140 types of birds have been identified in this particular region. Some rare species like the Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, Brown-breasted Flycatcher, Grey-headed Bulbuls, Malabar Whistling Thrush, Orange-headed Thrush, various types of Bulbuls, Orioles, Doves have made this their home.

Even in the hot summer months when most of the streams and wells elsewhere dry out, the waterbodies here always have water thus making it one of the finest bird habitats in and around Udupi and Manipal.

We you request you, Sir, that you please take measures to protect and preserve this valuable habitat of birds and see that no steps are taken that will upset the delicate ecosystem of this special place.

As indication of the significance of this birding habitat, please find here the cumulative list of bird sightings in the region over last few years by several different birders:

The Grey-headed Bulbul and Malabar Pied-Hornbill are internationally red-listed birds which are found here. The Indian Peafowl and Grey Junglefowl, also found here, are classified as Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 species respectively. Other fauna recorded here includes the following: (Schedule as per Wildlife Protection Act 1972 included in parenthesis):

1. Snakes: Indian Rock Python (Schedule 1), Indian Cobra (Schedule 2), Russell's Viper (Schedule 2), Checkered Keelback (Schedule 2), Rat Snake (Schedule 2)

2. Lizards: Bengal Monitor Lizard (Schedule 1)

3. Butterflies: Common Pierrot (Schedule 1), Common Hedge Blue (Schedule 1), Danaid Eggfly (Schedule 1), Common Mime (Schedule 1), Great Five Ring (Schedule 1)

4. Mammals: Black-legged Grey Langur (Schedule 2), Bonnet Macaque (Schedule 2), Jackal (Schedule 2), Common Palm Civet (Schedule 2), Small Indian Civet (Schedule 2), Indian Grey Mongoose (Schedule 2), Indian Porcupine (Schedule 4)

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