Open North American market to small 4WD cars under $16000

Open North American market to small 4WD cars under $16000

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Nicola Di Pietro started this petition to suzuki and

Remember when you got stuck in the snow?

Or when you would have enjoyed a little bit of off-road that Saturday on the mountains, but a little bit of mud put you and your car into trouble and ruined your weekend?

Would you like an affordable and small 4WD car in North America? You can't. There are none in the market.

Have you ever wondered if an all-wheel drive car is safer when driving on slippery roads? If you did, you were right!

Have you ever actually tried to "buy" an all-wheel drive car, wondering something like: "Heck, there's plenty of affordable small city cars, let me get an all-wheel drive one!", only to find out that an entire market as large as the car market of the North American Continent simply lack this kind of products?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, or you would if you had (or when you will have) a driving license, or if you know anybody who might, let's join forces and, please, sign this petition right now!

Yes, there's a gap in the North American car market! We don't have small all-wheel drive cars priced around 13000-17000 dollars.

Europe does.
Japan does.
Russia does.

Few examples:
• Suzuki Ignis
• Suzuki Jimny (a little pricier, but still small and handy)
• Dacia Duster
• Mahindra Quanto
• Lada Niva
• Fiat Panda 4x4

Yeah yeah "their engines are too small for North American Highways", don't be fooled. Canada has a 100 kph speed limit on highways. European countries allow up to 130 kph and above in some cases. If those cars can run on their highways, why wouldn't they on our highways?

Yeah, they have different safety standards. Hey, the laws of physics are the same worldwide. Show me the data of significantly higher-than-us casualties or deaths occurring in Europe or Japan or Russia because they drive such small cars, then we can talk about it.

But, hey, wait a second! We have Nissan Micra, Mercedes Smart, Nissan Versa Note, and Chevrolet Spark in Canada. So they're safe on highways, right? Then why would they be less safe if they had an AWD drivetrain?

Finally, if North American regulations really would put a strain on the safety requirements of the affordable above mentioned AWD cars and drive their prices nuts, then let's ask our Governments to also revise them a little. I never heard of a case of people dying in Europe or Japan because they don't have the same safety requirements as we do.

Although this is not my field of expertise, however, one fact is simple: other civilized and advanced countries in the world sell those cars and don't have particular safety problems. Why can't we?

To all of you who can say “I want a small 4WD car”, here’s the question: why should we necessarily buy a huge and pricey SUV?

Thank you.

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