To SUTD: A grading system worthy of our curriculum

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SUTD was proudly established with MIT around 9 years ago with its unique curriculum adopted and then reconstructed slightly from its reputable partner. The collaboration with MIT ensures that SUTD students are exposed to a broad-based and vigorous education that pushes them beyond their perceived limits. With that said, it is undeniable that the subjects SUTD and MIT students alike take up in their courses are very tough. Yet the grading systems between the two schools differ. We believe that our grading system should mimic MIT’s for the same reasons that the prestigious college has constructed it to be so, considering that our curriculum is so similar.

Grading system for MIT: A:5, B:4, C:3, D:2

Grading system for SUTD: A+:5.3, A:5, A-:4.5, B+:4, B:3.5, B-:3, C+:2.5, C:2

Furthermore, with regards to the change in our grading system, the student body wishes to express the following areas of concern:

1. Students that had enrolled into SUTD before 2017 were not made known of the changes in GPA scale prior to their decision to enroll.

2. Batches that graduate from 2020 onwards will experience a CGPA deflation. We are concerned that a dip in overall cohort performance will affect graduate employment prospects.

3. The new scale puts students graduating from 2020 onwards at a disadvantage when compared to the batches before them.

4. Students on scholarships are still subjected to requirements based on the previous GPA scale and it is tougher for students to meet those targets.

Therefore, we petition to revert the grading system back to the original one adopted from MIT.

 Proposed changes:

1. Return the use of the old GPA scale.


2. Review the new grading system taking into accounts the career prospects and interest of SUTD students and update the scholarship requirements to ensure that the same percentage of students can retain their scholarship as per before the change.

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