Urgent Action Plan Needed to #SaveKoalas from Extinction

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When I saw this picture on my social media, it broke my heart. 

This koala is among thousands of animals affected by fires that have been raging in Australia for the past 2 months. It is among the few that survived. Up to 8,400 others koalas may not have been as lucky and have died. With the fires affecting the koala habitat and rainforests, many fear that these innocent animals may have perished.

In the past 2 months, 13 million acres of land have been destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing their homes as they struggle without water, electricity and fuel. Most roads have been closed. 

The wildfires were perpetuated by climate change. Climate change is a huge issue that we can no longer deny or ignore. The effects are visible to all of us. We cannot remain silent anymore. We need to take action, NOW! Sign my petition. 

Koalas have been pushed to the brink of extinction, with their gene pool all but wiped out. Over the coming months, koalas will depend heavily on wildlife hospitals for rehabilitation and recovery after fires.

With the destruction of habitat and decline in koala population, there is an urgent need for emergency plans for future conservation. Sign my petition asking the Australian Environment Minister, Sussan Ley, to create an action plan and #SaveKoalas. 

We need to save the koalas now, as they face the threat of possible permanent extinction.