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Ask Sushi Wok 500+ restaurants to take shark off the menu.

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To the owner and staff of Sushi WOK 500+ restaurants.
We kindly ask that you cease the sale of any shark products from your restaurant.
As a keystone species, sharks keep other fish and animal populations in check. They have kept our ocean ecosystems healthy for over 450 million years and through five mass extinctions. Shark fishing and consumption is extremely detrimental to our oceans and ultimately ourselves! These are the same oceans that produce 50% of the oxygen we all breathe, regardless of how far we live from the water.
Sharks are being wiped out at a rate of over 2 per second! With 90-95% of many shark populations having been decimated out in just the past few decades, we can’t afford to use them in sushi, nor should we want to!
Shark meat can contain 1.6ppm (parts per million) of mercury. That’s six times the MONTHLY limit the EPA recommends a person consume. Mercury is so toxic that even small amounts can create many serious health problems that include:
-threat to developing embryos’ central nervous system in pregnant women
-damage of the digestive and immune systems
-damage to the function of lungs and kidneys
-men to become sterile
-consumption in high doses may be fatal over time
-children are even more vulnerable to the effects.
Please consider taking it off your menu for the health of both our oceans and your customers.
Keiko Conservation Russia.
Supported by One Ocean Diving and Nakawe Project.
Photo of Riley Elliott, shark scientist from New Zeland, demonstrating a natural interaction with a blue shark.

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