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Remove John Kuckian from YouTube

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John Kuckian is a bully, a liar, and a scammer. He’s bullied YouTubers such as Peter Monn, Margo Indigo, Sam Abbey (Here for the Tea), Jeffree Star, and countless others. Here are just a few reasons he needs to be off the website:

(I’m using alledgedly to avoid a lawsuit.)

1. He’s allegedly slandered Peter Monn calling him a pervert, a bully, and countless other things using fake evidence taken out of context causing Peter to almost quit his channel. He has allegedly done this twice during a period in which Peter lost his mother. Some of his “Kuckifam” have also alledgedly harassed Peter and have sent death threats. This is defamation of character and should not be on YouTube.

2. He allegedly created a fake charity to scam his subscribers into buying his cosmetics.

3. He’s allegedly threatened to sue both Peter Monn and Margo Indigo without cause.

4. He has not listed his ingredients on his website for his cosmetics. This is illegal.

5. He attacks YouTubers smaller than him, body shames, and takes his “drama” way too far.

6. He blocks loyal subscribers for simply asking questions about his cosmetics. 

7. He allegedly lied about where his cosmetics are made. Kuckian claims to use luxury ingredients in his products from Europe when his products are made in PRC (China.)

8. He’s allegedly responsible for the deletion of Martin Louis’ first channel and getting another YouTuber fired from their job.

9. He allegedly set up a launch party at a venue he never booked and sold tickets before calling off the event due to a “contracting issue.” He allegedly blocked fans who wanted a refund since the event was moved to a restaurant. These fan got blocked on various social media platforms run by Kuckian.

10. As our queen Petty Paige put it, he’s basically a prolapsed asshole.

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