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Remove False Community Guidelines Strikes and Restore Content on "eatdatpussy445"

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We all know that the problem of false Community Guidelines strikes on YouTube is just that, a problem; and it effects the content creators when it happens to them. If two false Community Guidelines strikes are enacted upon a content creator within a span of three months of each other, they are barred from uploading any content for two weeks, and a third strike in a three-month period means complete termination of the channel. This is certainly a problem that needs to be rectified by YouTube immediately.

Recently, a content creator by the name of Bryant Moreland, otherwise known as "eatdatpussy445" or "EDP", fell victim to false Community Guidelines strikes by a creator of the name "Mr.Sauceman X"*. Mr. Moreland has had his channel "eatdatpussy445" since June 13th, 2010, and in that time, he has gained 201,760 subscribers, 10,000-30,000 daily video views, and 31,564,802 total lifetime video views (Socialblade, 7/14/17). Of those 201 thousand subscribers, he had an extremely loyal fan base tuning in every time he posted a video about his work as a security guard and the many challenges he faces daily, his opinions on his favorite sports team The Philadelphia Eagles, or simply just what he was doing to that day. Mr. Moreland also has a Twitter account where he posts some exclusive videos, including one that went viral as an internet meme. In this video, he stated that he "beat the fuck out of his dick so goddamn hard, that he can't even feel his left leg." and this video became extremely popular on the internet in such spaces as YouTube, Reddit, 4chan, and iFunny, just to name a few. As of July 14th, 2017, all videos on his channel have since been deleted or made private, because of the strike. 

With essentially the loss of his channel, Mr. Moreland has lost his second source of income, severely crippling him financially. He rents a residence in Bakersfield, California in which his father lives with him, and without the funds he receives from YouTube, however minuscule it may or may not be, it increases the difficulty of his ability to pay his rent and to pay for his car. In his most recent video, entitled "Guy openly admits to false flagging my shit", posted on his backup channel, he states that he is going to have to take the bus again to travel to his place of work due to financial constraints, which emphasizes his struggle for money even more with the loss of his channel. Bryant Moreland at the end of the day is as much of a person as he is a voice of his people, and he needs all of the help we can give him.

In conclusion, the loss of "eatdatpussy445" has been an extreme loss to not only Mr. Moreland, but to his fans as well. With your help signing this petition, it will be delivered to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, and YouTube, LLC as a company. Please, help bring back EDP to its former glory and give his loyal fan base the content it deserves. Sign the petition today.

*I included the link for "Mr.Sauceman X" not for the purpose of getting a crowd to "witch-hunt" the man responsible, but rather so people can see the proof of him saying that he did falsely flag EDP's content. 



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