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You Tube is allowing Scott Rockholm, a wolf killer/hater and profiteer of wolf hatred to have a channel and post video after video falsely maligning the nature of the wolf creating undue fear and hatred for this essential predator.  

His rhetoric is very misleading to the general public, and thus harmful to all wolf species.  He constantly says things that are untrue about wolves on You Tube videos -- one example he claims that wolves have ruined Yellowstone National Park, when the exact opposite is true -- wolves saved Yellowstone by balancing the over abundance of elk (who had been foraging on certain vegetation and not at all on others causing a ripple effect of destruction) -- wolves actually rejuvenated the entire ecology of the Yellowstone and this is well documented. 

Mr. Rockholm also claims that wolves kill for fun and recreation -- not so and any wolf biologist will confirm that!   Energy is life to wolves and the pack -- only one out of every 8 attempts at a kill are successful --- wolves would simply never waste vital energy to hunt and kill for "fun" -- only humans do that!

Rockholm has videos, a Facebook page and webpage all anti-wolf --- feeding on legends, fairy tales, and lies.  He has an over-the-top hatred of the wolf species in general, and he has been, personally, over-the-top cruel to wolves, trapping, skinning, gut shooting, poisoning and even setting wolf traps with puppies adopted out of Spokane Washington--- the dog pups attract wolves who come to SAVE the yelping pups, and Rockholm knows that! 

His videos are damning and are grooming a whole generation of misinformed viewers to believe him and become wolf haters/hunters.   His organization SAVE WESTERN WILDLIFE (where he collects annual dues from followers has allowed him a very comfortable living off the backs of wolves), is also misleading as he wants to "save western wildlife" but obviously doesn't consider wolves to be wildlife !!    He is also an elk hunter and he and his followers want the elk all to themselves, albeit elk is the natural food of wolves.  Despite what he claims, the elk populations have greatly increased since the reintroduction of the wolves in the Northwest.  The wolves weed out the sick and the old as nature intended. Wolves are flourishing and the wildife services admit to their herds increasing -- they just aren't standing around to be shot from a pick up truck -- elk are on the move, they know there are wolves in town! 

If You Tube has any sense of morality for those who cannot speak for themselves, and a sense of real science and education about wildlife -- take down this irresponsible channel !    Rockholm is not a even a cattle rancher --- he is just a HATER !

Incidentally, wolves are responsible for less than 1% of livestock loss per year in the USA despite what Mr. Rockholm would have you believe. 



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