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Monetize Shane Dawson's Video's

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    Excellent, compasionate, honest, sweet, responsible, deeply involved, caring, and hard working Youtuber Shane Dawson needs to have his video's monetized. From Shane's lyrics from his song SUPERLUV "I'm running out of time." is the perfect description of how Shane feels when his video's are not monetized. His lyrics from his song SUPERLUV "I hope that I can save you somehow!" is the best explanation to explain how we as super fans feel when his video's are demonitized time after time. We feel unimaginely devastated all the time when we hear this or knowing this. Shane has had other channels where he has done short films based on his life and vlogs and things, but he can not with what he is making now even go back and work more on these channels because he has no money. A lot of fans from all over the world have watched him since they were young children, teenagers, and often even younger! Shane has talked about the most serious topics, and also made millions of laugh, and his video's, words, attitude, respect, and care for his fans inspired and still inspire so many of Shane's fans! Shane has some fans that have watched Shane since they were just kids, so why would Shane's video's get demonitized now if he was inspiring such young people and making them smile and laugh constantly. There is no reason to be demonitizing his Youtube video's right now because Shane's fans of all ages has seen Shane progress and excell his channel. So many fans have say that this years video's are some of the best! A quick search on twitter of Shane fans will clearly show how much Shane's fans are proud of him and how stupendous his channel is becoming! Shane has close to twelve million subscribers, and he has got so many slowly over time. Some channels have gotten this many subscribers extremely quick. The problem I see with that is that these channels seem to try to market their channel, carefuly, and sneakily manipulate their audience in such a way that they subscribe to them. For example they probably have a plan on a certain topic saying their life is so perfect, or some talent's that may or may not be true, which makes them be considered to some people as fake. Shane on the other hand, some of the first things he talked about was his struggles that he has faced in life. Shane is a person who is very open and honest telling his fans a lot of aspects of his life without being asked for it! He never ever does anything to get views, or more views. Although Shane currently is approaching 12 million subscribers on his Youtube channel if Shane suppose had only one subscriber, even though that will never happen, Shane would spend countless hours filming and editing to make that one person feel happy, laugh, and feel accepted because Shane treats all his fans, and all people equally. Shane has even written books, one that has made the New York Times Best Sellers, and is all about his childhood life. He recently has created merch with his best friend and Youtuber Garrett Watts, which he worked so hard on, and it has ever since been one of the largest sold items on amazon! His merch is made from extremely soft material, is sold in so many different colors, and styles. His merch is the most creative, popular, reflective merch that he has work so incredibly hard on, and Shane and his fans are more excited and proud of him then ever, and he is super proud of himself too, he sells his merch on . Shane deserves so much money, and recognition and support for all the hard work and dedication, and passion he has put into his Youtube video's. Shane has included his boyfriend Ryland in more of his video's, started making his video's a lot longer and more personal, and improving all of his work on Youtube. Please read this, and try your best to understand it and then sign this petition and try to share it as many places as possible, and show lots of support and love to Shane, buy his merch, and subscribe to his Youtube channel.

Lot's of love and support to Shane from all of his, dedicated, long term supporters who work so hard to show their love and support for Shane because he truly deserves it all and so much more. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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