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The cost for a handicap vehicle is a joke, Van, Truck, SUV you are looking at  40,000.00 to 93,000.00.  This is not practical and the community in need are suffering due to the high cost. then if someone needs an adaptive equipment the price for that is outrageous.  The cost of things for the disabled is a joke and that is why insurance companies have a problem approving.  This needs to be fixed and come down to reality for the American People.   We need to start revamping the cost of daily living for the handicap.  My older son gets a pair of sneakers I am looking at 125.00 to walk in.  My disabled child it cost 30,000.00 for a wheelchair.  My older son gets a car 15,000.00 used.  My disabled child looks into a used vehicle 40,000 to 50,000 for used.  Can you see the problem.  If the price would come down families would be able to provide more.  My son is 18years old and wants a truck.  which I would need a both sides to have a conversion in case I needed to drive it.  Not sure this will happen so I will have to deal with a unhappy child who see's life easy for his brother.  Something needs to change because life with a  disabled child is sooooooooo very exhausting and emotional ups and downs due to life not being fair. HELP HELP HELP