Make Staff Recruitment a Priority to Maintain Emergency Services at the Ashcroft Hospital

Make Staff Recruitment a Priority to Maintain Emergency Services at the Ashcroft Hospital

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1. The people of our 4 towns (Ashcroft, Cache Creek, Clinton and Spences Bridge) TNRD electoral area I and E, and 6 First Nation communities (Ashcroft Cornwall, Bonaparte, Cooks Ferry, High Bar, Oregon Jack Creek and Skeetchestn) implore Interior Health to make recruitment of all staff required to maintain our emergency services in the Ashcroft & District Hospital/Health Site, a priority. 

2. Currently the vacancies for RNs are at a critical level, with only 1.5 positions being filled when 4 Fulltime and 2 Part Time are required. This leaves our Physicians unsupported in their efforts to provide emergency care with as many as three separate closures of the services in the month of May alone.

3. We need IH to work collaboratively with our Health Care Coalition (WHAC) to find a new health care model that suits our unique rural catchment area.  A recent survey completed in our communities, identified a 7 day model of emergency coverage, which coincidentally, is more attractive for recruiting.  We are experiencing growth in industrial and agricultural sectors, which adds extra demand for emergency services as well as physician services that will continue to increase. 

4. It is only by prioritizing recruitment of Nursing, Laboratory and Imaging staff, and of course physicians into a 7 day a week model that consistent and sustainable health care will be achieved to meet our urgent current and essential future emergency / healthcare needs.  

The current situation is not supporting the physicians and staff trying so hard to provide what we need.  They deserve better.  We can do better and help them find reasons to stay, and slow down the revolving doors.