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Bring Bearing back to YouTube

Popular YouTuber Bearing has had his account unfairly terminated by YouTube. He got three copyright strikes, which were originally counted as one, but without warning had his channel banned on 05/12/2016.  
All of Bearings videos falls under fair use which allows him to use clips from other people videos in order to provide criticism or commentary even without the expressed permission of the original owner. Defending our right to criticize ideas is essential if we are to have an open and honest debate, as well protecting our free speech.  
Bearing is also a responsible YouTuber who puts fair use notices in all of his videos as well disclaimers discouraging people who watch his videos from harassing or bullying.  
YouTube flagging system has been misused yet again. By signing this petition, not only do we hope to get Bearing back, but we are defending our free speech and our right to criticize and share our opinions on the internet. Even if we disagree with someone we should always defend the right for that person to say it.

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