Save Stansted Library!

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 Essex County Council want to close Stansted Library, but our libraries are the beating heart of our communities – providing everything from reading and learning, baby and toddler groups to computer access for those who need to go online to access benefits and employment resources. Libraries provide a safe, quiet place for local children to do their homework. Library  membership not only improves the depth and breadth of our children’s learning by exposing them to a wide variety of different types of books but also teaches them responsibility. When they borrow a book, to respect it and take care of something that isn’t theirs, to keep their word and bring it back when they are meant to.
It helps them understand the concept of community and gives them a safe place, away from distractions. In Stansted we have been promised a new, up and coming community hub which will include our library and much, much more.

In the wake of the hub being built I have found a lot of our community were unaware that Stansted Library was still open therefore did not use the services it offers. Also they were outraged and dishearted to hear of its proposal to be closed after waiting with anticipation for the opening of the hub. 

Speaking to local Resident Daniel Brett who lives close to the hub build site. he had this to say,

“The hub was built on the understanding that Essex Library Service would move the library in there and take a 10 year lease, sharing costs with the parish council and paying £13,000 per annum rent. The £1.22mn project was years in the making and Essex County Council was having meetings with the parish council to agree the lease terms until a week before the announced proposed cuts. Proposing the closure of the library just at the point when the lease is due to be signed and the building is about to be completed is a huge betrayal of the parish council and the community. Essex County Council talks about being economical, but through its actions Stansted faces being left with a hugely expensive white elephant that will cost every council tax payer for many years to come.” 

As Stansted is relatively rural it would be very detrimental to our lovely villiage to lose such a vital part of our community, making it hard for those who are more vulnerable unable to access its facilities if they were to be further afield. 

This petition calls on Susan Barker & Essex County Council to remove Stansted Library from their list of Libraries ear marked for potential closure.