Shut Down RantHQ Ltd, A Scam Nigerian 419 company

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RantHQ Ltd is a company registered is England and Wales, operated by Siblings, Suzan Ade Coker and her elder brother Captain Abayomi Coker of Genesis Global Aviation Lagos.
They collect chariable donations from the public but are not on the charity register.
I made a donation of £2,000 to RantHQ in February 2018 and asked for a receipt. I am yet to receive it. Suzan Ade Coker instead sends me very threatening WhatsApp notes. When I contacted her to resolve amicably, she blocked me on all communication channels. She also got £3,575 advanced payment to work for my company as a social media host at a rate of £500 a month. She got the advanced payment and left just after 1 week.

Avery attempt to resolve this has been met with cyber abuse by members of RantHQ.
Scamming people is a regular practice at RantHQ where they then subject people to emotional blackmail. Other members of the Coker family are involved, so it's a family ring. Ope Coker was found in the company documents at Companies house while Mayokun Coker is in charge of RantJail and there is Oloye Coker, a Marine Staff Sergeant in the US.

They also enjoy the support of a staff from Facebook as a moderator.
I am seek the repayment of £5, 575 and a public apology for the voice notes.
The group needs to be shut down as well.