For the police to put more effort into catching the cat killer

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This animal killer has been around for YEARS, and has killed over 600 cats and that's not including the other animals (foxes, rabbits etc) they've killed. What I don't get is how can the police not have anything? Do they not check every cats body for any evidence and this killer has been doing this for ages and always returns to the scene of the crime... how has no one seen anything?! It's pure laziness, they ask us to help find them when that's their job. They wouldn't let a killer go on for this long if it was a person yet they're happy to do so when it's cats being killed. Owners are traumatised having to see their pets that they love with their head, tail and other limbs cut off. The killings have happened in London, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire but mostly Croydon. Vets who examined the cats have said they all have been killed in the same way with the same objects. The police are suppose to keep us safe but they can't even find a cat killer that has been walking the streets for years, it's pathetic! One last word owners be on high alert and unless it's under supervision DO NOT LET YOUR CATS OUT! ANYONE IF YOU SEE ANYONE SUSPICIOUS TAKE A PHOTO OR SOME FORM OF EVIDENCE AND IMMEDIATLY CALL THE POLICE! Save the remaining cats!