Upgrade playground at Zeally Sands Torquay

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The Zeally Sands estate in Torquay is fastly flourishing with new houses, residents and families. 

The grass land situated between Grinders & Splitters Avenues, only has a small playground suitable for a handful of children. 

The Quay has the Pavillion with basketball half court and the Pirate Park. The Dunes or Stretton have the playground and skate park next to Banyul-Warn Fields.

With the expansion of the estate, the residents of Zeally Sands and The Sands would like to see our local green spaces upgraded to accomodate our needs. Upgrading this playground to accommodate primary school children and even junior high school youths would be beneficial to our community. 

We propose:

* upgrading the existing playground

* adding a basketball half court

* adding a downball court (or two)


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