The North Torquay Eastern Grey Kangaroos - Petition Now Closed

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This petition will be submitted to the SCS, Wednesday, November 27, 2019.

We will update you on the process :) 

This petition calls on the Surf Coast Shire (SCS) to: 
1. Reduce the speed limit to 60km along Messmate Road, between the Surf Coast Hwy and Coombes Road, Torquay; and 
2. Erect wildlife warning signage along this stretch of road.
These measures are necessary for the safety of motorists and local wildlife.  

For over 40 years a mob of kangaroos have lived in North Torquay on and around what is now the West Coast Business Park (WCBP). They were once connected to the Spring Creek and Breamlea mobs. These natural corridors have been depleted by development. There is very limited opportunity for roos to move safely around their traditional home range. 
The mob currently most at risk live in the farm paddock immediate west of the WCBP. We have been informed by the land owner that this area is to remain as a paddock ‘for quite sometime yet’. Consequently,  this mob will continue to use the paddock whilst surrounding development increases and traffic becomes heavier.  

The traffic along Messmate Road will increase significantly when the new roundabout (where Messmate road meets the Surf Coast Hwy) opens in December 2019. Messmate Road is managed by the SCS. To mitigate the risk of roo/human collisions the SCS must reduce the speed limit on Messmate Road  and erect appropriate wildlife warning signs.