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Free Iranian human right activist Narges Mohammadi

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Narges Mohammadi, an Iranian woman in her forties and the mother of two young children, is a longtime activist for human rights and women’s rights, who has been in and out of prison for the last fifteen years.  She served as Executive Chair of the Center for Human Rights Defenders, where she was closely associated with Iranian Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shirin Ebadi. The Center was closed by the Iranian government in 2008.  Narges Mohammadi also founded and worked for an organization to oppose the death penalty. 

In May, 2016, she was sentenced to sixteen years in prison for her non-violent human rights activities. She is currently serving this sentence in Evin Prison, and she is suffering from several severe medical problems such as seizer, long and neurological problems.

Narges has consistently received degrading and inhumane treatment from prison officials. Authorities have used access to her ten-year-old twins as a tool to punish her, denying her telephone contact. When Narges undertook a hunger strike to protest the authority’s refusal to let her speak with her children, it triggered global outrage and thousands of people, including more than 100,000 Iranians, posted messages in solidarity through a Twitter campaign. After 20 days, Narges was able to speak with her children. 

Narges Mohammadi's courageous human rights work should be praised not punished.

Amnesty International has designated Narges Mohammadi a Prisoner of Conscience. 15 Iranian parliamentarians have called for her release, urging the Government "to apply the clemency and mercy of the Islamic republic" and to reunite her with her children. We join in this appeal. Free Narges Mohammadi!

نرگس محمدی فعال حقوق بشر ایرانی‌ است که به خاطر فعالیت‌های صلح جویانه خود چندین بار به زندان افتاده. آخرین بار در سال ۱۳۹۵ به ۱۶ سال زندان محکوم گردید که دادگاه تجدید نظر هم این حکم را تایید کرد. او حتا از تماس تلفنی با فرزندان ۱۰ ساله خود محروم گردید، که منجر به اعتصاب غذای او در زندان شد، در پی‌ این اعتصاب غذا و افزایش فشارهای بین المللی نرگس محمدی اجازه تماس تلفنی با فرزندان خود را یافت. او از بیماریهای بسیار همانند تشنّج، مشکلات ریوی و نرولژیکی رنج میبرد. سازمان عفو بین الملل خواهان آزادی فوری نرگس محمدی گردیده. فعالیت‌های او باید مورد تشویق قرار گیرد نه اینکه سبب زندانی شدن او گردد. ما خواهان آزادی سریع نرگس محمدی هستیم

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