Stop “working on saturdays”

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Along with the menance of unemployment there is an evil surviving for the people who are employed. The trend of working for 6 days a week is making people depressed and restless in India. This is not only affecting them physically but mentally as well. Most of them are working for 9 hours a day and that too for 6 contineous days. On an average they get 4-5 holidays per month (30-31 days) which they are generally spending on meeting their friends/ family or buying ration for the upcoming week. Those who are married or have children are not able to verify their existence. Is this a path of development? Our demographic divident is not even able to proove their productivity. For visiting the basic institutes like bank, aadhar centers or passport office they have to take a leave from their work which is usually granted as a “leave without pay” .

There has to be a strinent rule making indian population ( public and private) work for 5- days a week. Honourable Supreme Court May directly take up this issue or keeping all the politics aside the GOI may try hard to put a bill forward for the same and gradually make it an act.

Personal story
I am a citizen of india and an employee too. Eventhough i am working in education sector i sometimes get a lollipop in the form of a government holiday but that is a rare occasion. I often see my friends and family working on saturdays and the huge amount of pressure they face. I completely feel them as i have been through a similar situation in my past and present job.