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If ANYONE has information or proof of the individuals involved in this horrific crime to contact the homicide detectives in Victoria,Australia immediately, not your local police dept... This family DESERVES #JUSTICEFORJACK!!

I am asking the Australian supreme court to drop the defensive homicide plea and reinstate the official murder charge in the sentencing of the viscious murder of 23 year-old Jack Savarin Nankervis, 3 years ago on 20 June 2014 when Bonnie Sawyer Thompson, A 20 year-old Morwell woman stabbed him with an axe and knife up to 70 times while he was asleep..after just meeting Jack that same day at her Tarwin Street residence.It is alleged Mr Nankervis' drink was spiked with the drug GHB and he fell asleep, which is when the brutal attack occurred!

What started off as a murder charge soon changed in court after Sawyer-Thompson pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of domestic homicide - a controversial law that has now been abolished in Victoria.But Sawyer-Thompson being one of the last people in Victoria to be charged with defensive homicide is of little relief to Mr Nankervis' family. Just days after Mr Nankervis's death, the Victorian Government announced it was abolishing the defensive homicide offence, saying it had been intended to help domestic violence victims, but was misused by killers to escape murder convictions

. .The sentencing is scheduled for April 20,2017 & this murderer may be only sentenced to just a few years with time served,meaning,sadly that she could walk on Thursday,April 20 only serving 3 years for her actions in this brutal crime! New evidence has been brought forward that the accused ,Bonnie Sawyer Thompson did not work alone in this horrendous ,evil crime. The new evidence recently submitted accuse Bonnie's former boyfriend and alleged abuser, Phil Misfud, of actually being the initial perpetrator of the murder ,forcing her to participate and take the entire blame...

Police have been forced to reinvestigate her ex-lover Phillip Mifsud, a depraved ice dealer who craves criminal infamy and has been described as controlling and as someone who wanted people to fear him.But he is unlikely to ever be charged.There has been mounting evidence Mifsud may have masterminded Nankervis’ killing: he’s the only one with motive , he bought GHB to allegedly drug him and his DNA was detected on the murder weapon.However, there is little chance of a proper investigation into Mifsud,a drug dealer with a record of violence and time in prison.Many residents of this community have accused Misfud of being a "creepy drug-dealing bully & informant for the local Australian police" whom has bragged about his horrendous action in murdering Jack & other cruel actions to several people & laughed about his ability to walk free and terrorize his neighborhood, causing fear in most people to withhold vital,important information from homicide detectives.

Mr Mifsud's former high school friend Adrian Turra told the court on Friday May 13,2016 when the two were friends and smoked cannabis together, Mr Mifsud displayed schizophrenic behaviour, constantly "played mind games" and took advantage of people when they were drunk.He said Mr Mifsud was "a really controlling person" and when the two were younger, had told him to commit crimes such as burglaries."He just made me do things so he couldn't get in trouble," Mr Turra said.When defence lawyer Rebekah Sleeth asked Mr Turra if Mr Mifsud was violent, he agreed and said Mr Mifsud wanted to be the "best criminal" and "famous" like Chopper Reid.Ms Sleeth asked what kind of violent behaviour Mr Mifsud displayed.

Mr Turra replied "fighting, constantly trying to prove he's a strong bloke and not to f**k with him".The court heard within 48 hours before the alleged murder, Mr Mifsud spoke to Mr Turra.

"He said something was going to happen but wouldn't tell me what was going to happen, but I had to keep my mouth shut," Mr Turra said.At 2.22pm, Mr Turra received a text message from Mr Mifsud which read "call me ASAP bro, what's his name just got killed".

About six weeks after Mr Nankervis' death, Mr Turra made a statement to police, showing them text messages from Mr Mifsud. Mr Turra did not return to his Drouin home for three or four days, the court heard.Within 45 minutes of him returning home, Mr Mifsud and an unknown man wearing a mask knocked on the unlocked door of Mr Turra's residence and entered, carrying a "foot-long" gun wrapped in plastic.Mr Turra told the court Mr Mifsud repeatedly asked why Mr Turra had shown the messages to police and "tortured" him for a "couple of hours".He showed the court his scarred forearm, which he said was the result of Mr Mifsud holding it under running hot water."He boiled the kettle saying he was going to burn my back and burn my head," Mr Turra said.

Mr Turra told the court he had previously heard Mr Mifsud say that he had killed people and had been using a homemade handgun which he acquired two to four weeks prior to the alleged murder."He used to say it but I didn't know if it was true or not," Mr Turra said."He was using (the gun) all the time apparently."

We were lead to believe that defensive Homicide holds a sentence of 10-12 years minimum. That's now not the case.The crown prosecutor and his team, who assured us of a minimum of 10 years on the bottom including time she has already served.

We were instructed to take the plea, as a jury and judge had every chance of actually finding her innocent. After 70+ wounds from a mattock & a knife, 5 stories, actual admissions to murder and numerous recorded phone calls, they could still render her an innocent woman!

Now, remember these things:

*She brutally murdered jack.

*She killed him with the first 2 blows and continued to attack him another 70+ times.

*Jack was asleep & fully clothed.

*He didn't attack her.

*Bonnie had atleast 4 stories about what happened.

*She also laughed in court and on the phone about what she had done.

*She made the time and effort to go see people while jacks body lay in her house.

*She ditched her clothes.

*Told people she would be on the news because she had murdered someone!

*He didn't actually know her prior to the day of his murder.

*He didn't rape, touch or threaten her.

*He did nothing, she attacked him 70+ times because her head told her to, she even made a statement saying she just "flipped it" and killed him, but that's ok, because she was lucky enough to have done it just before the law was abolished.

*70+ times and she can still be found an innocent person as she was in a bad relationship with someone.

Jack was no angel, but he was an amazing son, brother, father, brother in law, partner and friend to many! We all have our flaws but no one deserves what jack got.

Jack has a mother who for 2 years has sat, with a smile on her face and a shoulder to cry on for everyone, who's had a heart attack and been left with nothing because of BONNIES actions.Jack's sister lost her only brother, her best friend..Jack had a partner who is also the mother of his child whom he loved with all his heart.

Jack also has a beautiful son who will only ever remember his dadda through photos and stories. 2 nieces who will only remember him through photos. A nephew who was lucky enough to have spent enough time with his uncle jacko to be able to tell the young children all about him.

So now, we sit here, waiting for her to be sentenced  on April 20,2017.She may get 2 years she may get 10. All because she found a loop hole where she could actually get away with murder. Her ex-boyfriend may never even face charges,much less an indictment for pre-meditated murder,which is exactly what the charges should be based on testimony under oath already heard months ago.

No jail sentence will ever bring jack back!   As horrible as it is that we won't get the justice we deserve, people should at least know the truth.

If the shoe was on the other foot and jack had murdered her, he would be doing 20+ years because of how heinous the crimes were.

Because it was a woman, things don't work that way!

Men need to speak out to stop this from

Happening. Violence against men is real & women get away with these things a lot more than you'd think. You just don't know because the world doesn't care when a woman murders a man..

This entire case screams injustice for the victim,Jack Nankervis,as well as his family whom still are forced to defend the honor & memory of Jack as well as fight tirelessly for Justice. The fact that Bonnie should be charged with murder & her alleged accomplish & mastermind,Phil with pre-meditated murder based on sworn testimony ,clearly shows an insult & mockery by the very judicial system designed to protect its citizens,while protecting its criminals...



Today: JUSTICE FOR JACK is counting on you