Hang the killers of Uzma

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The 16 yead old maid Uzma was brutally tortured for months and then killed with a fatal blow on the head when she took a bite off the plate of her boss's daughter.

The innocent Angel Uzma died from internal bleeding.

Those barbarians didn't just stop at this. They went on to break the bones of the dead Uzma and electrocuted her, beat her dead body and when they had enough they threw her in the gutter.

This is such a disgrace on the face of humanity. Humanity cannot get any lower than this.

According to the police, the women killed the minor domestic worker – Uzma — on January 18 in Iqbal Town and dumped her body in a nearby drain

We need you all to sign this petition so that the killers of Uzma don't get away with their crime. They need to be punished for what they've done to an innocent child.