Deterrent Punishment for Rapists and Mandatory Sex Education in Schools

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Vijay Surana

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The Hon'ble Chief Justice of India

Supreme Court of India,
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011-23388922-24 / 23388942

Sub:     Requisition for immediate attention and corrective actions to address the in-humane menace of Rape and Sexual Assaults on Women, Girls and sadly even children.

 Respected Sir,

            This is my second request to the Hon'ble Supreme Court, first of which was sent on 13.04.2018; that was received at your good office on 26.04.2018 and registered with  Dairy No: 19141/SCI/PIL(E)/2018.   The same was disposed with the status " NO ACTION TAKEN SINCE CONTENTS OF COMPLAINT ARE NOT COVERED UNDER PIL GUIDELINES".

Sir, I sincerely and most humbly request your good selves to take a very serious note of what recently happened in Chennai with a 12 year old girl, who is also hearing impaired. These beasts who have made the whole of humanity to  drop their heads in shame, didn't even bother that she was just a CHILD. And this comes just days after the Nirbhaya culprits death sentence was confirmed; so the same question arises again. Has law served its whole purpose?  The purpose of law is not restricted to serve justice to victims and punish the offenders, rather the larger purpose is to abstain re-occurrences of such shameful incidents, which has no place in a civilized society. If law fails to serve this very purpose, wouldn't it destroy the civilized nature of our society. The various forms of punishments were to address a specific purpose of  times. Sadly, doing away the Deterrent form of punishment seems to be too early in time, as time and again we as a society show how un-civilized and beastly we still are.  History has shown us that great civilizations have perished where it acted too late to contain the animal instincts of its members. The Hon'ble Supreme Court should not allow our civilized society to be driven to the brink.

 I'd like to quote the following, the Atheists have a very popular method of disapproving God, they say If God is all powerful and he still doesn't stop a crime from occurring, then either he is not all powerful or he is an accomplice to the crime or mostly he simply doesn't exists.  So, if we continue to allow these beastly and heinous acts happening on our daughters and sisters then, either Law is not powerful or Law itself becomes an accomplice or simply Law doesn't exists.

 It simply isn't enough, what our existing set of laws are enforcing or trying to enforce is simply not enough. Please note that this not a idle case, there have been a series of such heinous crimes on children through our country, and in this case not one or two the accused are 22 in number, not one among them had a heart, not one... driven only by beastly instincts they hunted down a child in a Civilized Society of ours, or at-least so called. This reflects that it is the attitude and mindset that seems to be the actual problem. There is an imminent need for reformations and stricter laws and punishments that can sent a shiver down the spine and a series of reformation in sex - education at school level, which should mandatory subject in school, which can empower and enlighten any child who is abused to open up and speak where it is required with a confidence that he/she won't be looked down or labeled a taboo.      

 Capital punishment is too less a punishment for such heinous criminals, they should be castrated and made to suffer a life imprisonment with hard labor, why? It is to be noted that child shall suffer all her life for what these beasts have done to her, and when they are left easy, such occurrences increases. This incident serves to prove that our society has indeed not progressed enough to do-away with the deterrent form of punishment, I mean why do-away with the form of punishment when such ghastly and inhumanly crimes still exists. This only renders the society on the whole at a severe risk from these beasts in human skin.

 I, sincerely request the Hon'ble Supreme Court to treat this letter as a PIL and take appropriate action to address the menace which is destroying our country. We cannot let this happen to our daughters, there is a problem and it has to be addressed - Now. There is an imminent need to completely review the laws, law machinery, punishment and more importantly to review whether our laws are serving its very purpose or not. It has to be noted that taking these cases individually can only serve justice to the victims and punishment to the criminals, but they do not serve the larger purpose of abstaining the re-occurrences of such shameful crimes, hence I once again sincerely plead to our Hon'ble Supreme Court to take up this imminent matter for further action, as it deems fit.

 Thanking You.


Vijay Surana


CC to 1. Hon'ble Prime Minister's Office, New Delhi    

          2.  Ministry of Women and Child Development, New Delhi

          3.  Ministry of Law and Justice, New Delhi

          4.  Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi


Annexure  1 - New Article appeared in NDTV website dated 17.07.2018

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