Death penalty for all rapists, regardless of age, family circumstances.

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Mankind has come a long way from rubbing together two stones to start a fire, from discovering  that logs are easier to roll than to pull along, to sending a space craft millions of kilometers away. 

We humans, in our society, have developed laws to prevent one's greed from overruling sound judgment, to inculcate moral behavior and set up courts of authority, who shall implement laws, and  penalize those who err. 

Clearly then we must be a very advanced race, considering the little progress our fellow earth species have made. You would expect such a civilization to be rather 'civilized' then, where all live in harmony, unlike the cruel and barbaric not so advanced species. 

You would be surprised

It is the 21st century of human progress, and still, the life giver of the entire human species, the ones who propagate generation after generation, making this entire advancement possible are still hunted and hounded, for their entire lives

It is one thing to take a life. It is alike for the sentient and the insensate. 

It is another thing to slowly, painfully strangle and  torture every bit of it away. More so, when done so with pleasure and glee. Clearly one who obtains such sadistic pleasure from the struggle and pain of others is not civilized

The entire sexually reproducing animal species has two basic desires. The desire to eat, and the desire to mate.

While the right to eat is fundamental to the right to life, there can be no right to mate, without the consent of all the participating individuals.

So basic are these desires, it is not possible to reform, and completely remove the tendency to obtain them by immoral and wicked means. 

 Unfortunately, in their handling of such cases, the courts have proved that, as impeccable their understanding of the laws of the nation are, their understanding of basic human nature, is clearly lacking. 

For in their pursuit of reforming rapists, they have given a ray of hope, of survival to this cancerous disease to the society. A chance for a life beyond the fact. A chance, which these perpetrators deny their victims. 

In protecting the life of these clearly sadistic individuals, the courts are unwittingly endangering the hundreds of thousands of innocents who depend on them for protection. 

It is high time the courts realise that their duty, is to protect the innocent and not the guilty. They must realise that only the ultimate fear of death, can scare these monsters away from preying on the weak and innocent for the ultimate pleasure of sexual gratification.

 The more they protect the rapists, the more they are emboldened

We, the people, demand that the courts whom we have empowered to protect us, fulfil their duty, and with unbending strictness, award exemplary punishment of the death penalty to ALL RAPISTS, irrespective of age and status

Yes, a modern liberal society should do away with capital punishment. But clearly we are not that society, because every day, every hour, an innocent is under attack. Until the day we are rid of such cruel individuals, we need laws that are strict and courts who deal with them with iron fists. 

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