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           Thousands of kids have been separated from their families at an immigration detention. These detentions are in South Texas in an old warehouse.  These kids are being held in cages. More than 6 children have died and some have gone missing. The conditions in this detention are horrific. They include sleeping on concrete under super bright lights, rare showering, illness, overcrowded, freezing temperatures, and lack of food. The list goes on. More than 1500 kids have been "misplaced", and counting. Not to mention the sexual abuse that occurs by the detainers. The detention center is trying to avoid responsibility of sexual abuse that happens within the walls of these camps. 

These conditions are not fit for any human. Let alone kids. The point is to get this petition signed enough to get the abolished. To abolish ICE. Lets unite and get these kids out of cages. Your sign can and will be all the difference. OUR VOICED MUST BE HEARD. 


Miles de ninos estan en jaulas en condiciones feas. Este detencion esta en el Sur de Texas. Seperan los ninos de los papas. Los ninos solos en el frio, sin comida, sin agua, y sin casi nada nomas la ropa que tienen puesta. Duermen en el piso con montones de otros ninos. Tambien miles ninos se an perdido. Tambien muchos de los captadores abusan a los ninos sexualmente sin castigo. Las condiciones son horrendo. 

Firmando esta peticion puede ser el cambio grande. Tenemos que ser el vos para estos ninos. SEA LA DIFERENCIA.