Protection of Karachi’s Citizens Adversely Effected by Ongoing Encroachment Clean Up

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TO: Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan

CC: Governor of Sindh, Chief Minister of Sindh, Mayor of Karachi

We, the conscientious of Karachi, are extremely disturbed by the recent removal of encroachments from our beloved city center. Subsequent news reports forecast further evictions due to which countless settlements and businesses will suffer.

It is our concern that in the process of this aggressive removal, violations of human rights — loss of shelter, work place, and means to livelihood — shall continue to occur. Some of the settlements and work places under threat have been existing in the same locations for over 50 years.

Keeping in view the international rules and regulations that are prescribed by the offices of the United Nations guidelines for evictions, we citizens of Karachi demand that:

1. Adequate notice be given to those who shall be removed, displaced, and evicted.

2. There be a process that provides compensation and alternative space for them to live and/or earn their livelihood.

3. Their rights and dignity be held in proper regard at all times during the process.