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My name is Abby, who has been found dead in the winter of 2016 in a slaughterhouse in Hebei Province, China. You don't know me, I was just one of the billions that die in increasingly rampant Dogs Cats meat dealings in the past few years in China.

She recognized My skin. Finally, I was taken home again.

I don't want to talk about my experience of death, as I am pretty sure that would scare all of you and her. And I really don't want to remember again the terror, helplessness, cold and lonely days I have been through.

The moment before I died,I had dreamed of my home where all my short lifetime joys with her were spent at, also a world without any cruel killing nor any devilish fierce-looking murderers. Can you make my last dream come true, With her?

-Do you know most of the Chinese officials is the real umbrella of Dog/cat meat Industry chain interest criminal group
-Do you know any international activities in any cities china could cause an eliminating of us
-Do you know to save us from trucks, markets or slaughterhouses, against the criminals, the <Measures for China Animal Inspection & Quarantine> which is for safeguarding animal and animal products health, Thereby protecting human health is the only law the defenders could rely on
-Do you know Once we were sent to the official shelters, the fate that we may face would be being sold to the dog meat dealers or being starved to death or being eaten by other hungry
-Do you know we are promoted to the most dangerous rabies carriers by many official media or hospitals, so people here hate us. But what most of them even don't know is that the vaccines here in China are mostly fake and the most expensive
-Do you know our owners have to pay for our legal status a World-class high taxes and management fees But the return on our welfare is close to zero, even we hardly see any toilet in public

YOU CAN STOP THIS by the < International Coalition to Urge the Animal Welfare Accountability and Transparency in China> which is supposed to promote and protects instead of just petitions :
- Stopping official eliminating dogs and cats asap, take a Humanitarian Solutions of homelessness crisis instead.
- The undertaking, publishing and disseminating research regarding Boycott Dog/Cat meat trading industrial chain interests group involving
- Calling for greater transparency and scrutiny of the NGOs; NPOs; Official shelters
- Promoting public Financial Transparency regarding Dogs ID management system in China and related
- Building an international standard system of legal protection companion animals and farm animals