The Necessity of Traders

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Although Zerodha's main goal is an aggressive expansion for investors; a small number of traders drive the revenue of Zerodha. We are sharing some issues collectively from a group of traders. 

Please review them. It is completely OK if it is not implemented but is serious enough as they phoenix out of the necessity only - 

  1. Mobile Notification on Order Execution - Upstox has this. If the mobile app is on, please make a way to get notification of limit orders getting executed. 
  2. Ability to turn off promotional notifications - This notification is very annoying and should be optional. It is borderline spam for many people. 
  3. TradingView Integration - It is very far-fetched and may not be implemented. There are countless facilities in trading view; the most important one being it is charting platform for many. Maybe just as an alternative? If possible? 
  4. MTM on Kite Web - This is very very important to help a trader psychology on loss aversion perspective. Can a drop-down button be made on the P&L area where one can switch it with MTM? Even better if one can switch the Chg area because that is utterly useless for many people. Refer
  5. Conversion - It is a MUST NEED. It is mainly useful for the expiry days of BankNIFTY. - Apart from "Exit Positions". Can you also add a button for "Convert Positions"? It will help in bulk conversion for people having many positions in expiry days or just for the sake of ease of use.
  6. Heatmap - Can you guys make a heat map like this. It is the only sole reason I use's premium subscription. Fyers has one but that looks like ....
  7. Trade Box - Just a rip off a suggestion from Metatrader. I am referring to this:
  8. Save Button - If you can put a snapshot option here . It can make a snap like the trading view. You will get a massive promotion if you just add your zerodha tag there and it will be a very very helpful function for people like us who has to screenshot things and imgur it all the time.

Sorry for this annoying long list but these suggestions are very small and will relieve the pain of many other small traders. 

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