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India is a country with huge population so as to China. We should use this population for our development to multiply the effect of our growth.

 Our recommendations:

All the States & Union Territories of INDIA should adopt “Model Shops and Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Condition of Services) Bill-2016.” However, it should cover manufacturing units also which currently it does not. So that they can remain, open at their convenience 24*7.

It’s Effect:

  • To turn India into a 24 7 country.
  • Improving ease of doing business, and generate more employment opportunities.
  • It not only creates thousands of skilled jobs but also give customers the opportunity to shop at any time.
  • A vibrant retail environment is critical for economic growth because it helps in boosting domestic consumption.
  • This will boost employment generation and benefit consumers in terms of convenience and accessibility.

Maharashtra State already considered 24×7 request.

Why it is important?

As we all know that today the biggest challenge in front of our country is the JOB OPPORTUNITIES , it is because of the major economic reform through which the country is passing. These reforms are must for INDIA and it should keep going as it is. BUT due to these reforms some Black & Parallel Economies have lost their existence and so as to the people lost their JOBS in these sectors. So, that was the past but what now???

Now, as we all know that the remaining once are those who are just working in this formal economy and now they need some relaxation in terms of the time of working. As the states have the power to make such laws which regulates the time of working of the establishments.

Central Government clears model law permitting shops,

cinema halls to remain open 24x7


A model law that allows shops, malls and cinema halls, among other establishments, to run 24x7 throughout the year The Centre has paved the way to turn India into a 24x7 country. However, there is a rider – the states have to agree. The Union cabinet approved the Model Shops and Establishments Bill, which will permit shops, malls, restaurants, banks and cinema halls to choose their hours of operation. Once adopted by states, in part or full, the model law will let establishments operate through the year – with flexibility of work hours. However, it should cover manufacturing units, which currently it does not. Announcing the move, Union finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that this aimed at ensuring uniform working conditions across the country, improving ease of doing business, and generating employment opportunities. However, establishments covered by the law will have to ensure better working conditions for female employees by establishing facilities such as late-night drops and crèches. Once adopted by a state, the state may allow women to work late night as per their discretion. The bill sent to states and union territories, so they can adopt it in the current form or modify its provisions to their liking. Retail majors, welcomed the Centre’s decision. As this will not only create thousands of skilled jobs but also give customers the opportunity to shop anytime in equality to online shopping. “The 24x7 policy for retail stores in other developed economies has significantly boosted their growth in the past. A vibrant retail environment is critical for economic growth. The move will also contribute to important initiatives such as Make in India by boosting domestic consumption.” It is a very progressive move that will boost employment generation and benefit consumers in terms of convenience and accessibility,” he said.


However, implementation of the approved Act depends on States, as it only acts as an advisory to State governments

The new model law that would allow malls, cinema halls, restaurants, shops, banks and other such workplaces to be open establishments with mandatory cab services and other workplace facilities for them. Protection for women “Women to be permitted during night shift, if the provision of shelter, rest room, ladies toilet, adequate protection of their dignity and transportation etc. exists,” Labour and Employment Ministry said in a statement. The law covers all premises — barring factories — with work related to printing, banking, insurance; stocks and shares brokerage; theatres and “any other public amusement” which is currently not covered under the Factories Act 1948. All such units that employ 10 or more workers will come under this Act. For the first time, workers’ right will be protected for those working in go downs, warehouses or workplace related to packaging activities. This will bring e-commerce companies under the labour law rulebooks. However, the implementation of the approved Model Shops and Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Services) Bill, 2016 will depend on States, as it only acts as an advisory to the State governments, which will have the option to adopt this or make changes to it according to their needs. “We will send it to the States immediately. The model law will be a readymade material for the State governments as this has taken shape after several rounds of extensive consultation within various ministries and the Cabinet,” Labour Secretary Shankar Aggarwal told The Hindu. Biotechnological employees exempted from daily working hours of nine hours and weekly working hours of 48 hours.


After allowing shops to open 365 days, Maharashtra state considered 24×7 request:

After its decision to allow shops to remain open 365 days a year, the Maharashtra government permitted retail stores and commercial establishments in Mumbai to remain open. We should consider this purely from the point of view of business & employment generation. It will be a welcome move if all the state governments allow shops to remain open through the day and night. Many businesses would like to operate day and night. As part of its agenda to bring in ease of doing business in the COUNTRY, the BJP government recently amended norms to allow retail shops and commercial establishments to remain open all seven days a week through the year. The government has, stipulated that all employees should get a weekly off and should not have to work more than nine hours a day and 48 hours a week. The law will not apply for government offices and the Reserve Bank of India. At present, states have their own rules related to shops and establishments that cover physical shops or workplaces regardless of the size of the unit. This will bring many e-commerce companies under the labour law rulebooks as many of these companies face problems while operating go downs in various states. However, “highly skilled workers” in the information technology sector or biotechnology exempted from daily working hours. They can work overtime. The employers have to file annual returns electronically “as far as possible.” The officials said the reform aimed at ease of business, and cutting red tape and inspector raj. “It is part of ease of doing business.

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