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Support the MND/ALS Emergency Medical Bracelet ALS Require Proper Care and Knowledge

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My Concern for MND/ALS Protocol and MND/ALS Bracelet  In the past several months I have experienced some very important concerns of ALS patients being admitted into local hospitals under pneumonia and other Flu like symptoms. Over 50 ALS patients in the past year and half have died. In many cases the patient was treated like hospice because of their terminal illness. It has been from my experience that many ALS patients are provided high pressure oxygen which may cause delusional or miscalculated oxygen to the brain that in some cases places the patient unconscious. In this instance the mind tells the body to stop breathing. This is when the doctor suggest that the patient should be trach. When at first the patient should be placed on a non-invasive respiratory machine, which sometimes can be provided by the patients themselves or by the hospital with antibiotics, nebulizer treatment and Tylenol for pain. The hospitals have also been known to administer morphine, which restricts the respiratory functions. When an ALS patient is given high pressure oxygen, antibiotics and morphine it causes more damaged towards the patients’ health then good. Many local hospitals and doctors are not educated on the proper treatment of ALS patients when they become ill. It is believed that they gather around in a room and discuss that this is a patient living with a terminal ill disease and not worth the time to administer proper medicine. I believe that all hospitals in the United States should be mandated to have doctors both and in the emergency room to use an ALS Emergency Bracelet like they use for patients with dementia so they can use the proper treatment of ALS patients and should also be available to all ALS patients and their love ones  when placed in this type of situation. An ALS patient should die from ALS, not pneumonia. All doctors in the United States should be trained on how to treat ALS patients. The procedure I describe, though many ALS patients are different I can assure you in some cases this can save lives. I know, because I had pneumonia three times during my diagnosis of ALS within the past ten years and was able to direct the hospital staff on what to do, and the proper medicines to administer and that’s one of the reasons why I’m still here. Knowledge is important! Sincerely, Andre Williams Sr. ALS Advocate for all Patients Living with ALS

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