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Support the Grace College Marketing Team

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As many of you are aware, several members of the Grace College marketing team were fired for a picture they posted on social media.  The picture was "rapper" themed and showed them dressed in rapper gear, with a logo saying "NGA" - not Grace appropriate.  As a result, a few people felt it was supporting anti-black behavior, even though this was not the intention. The photo was only meant to be a funny post for social media, which was part of their Friday routine. While many agree that this picture was not appropriate for representing Grace College, we find that firing these individuals was NOT the correct measure to take.  They could have been written up, received training, formed an apology to the public, etc.  Because of this, Grace College is letting go of many talented workers that LOVED working there, including the Marketing Director.  

This petition is to show your support for these individuals.  They may not get their jobs back, but those responsible for the decision to fire them need to be shown that their actions have hurt many friends/family members/coworkers as well.  This does NOT and should not represent the attitude of Grace College.  Where was the "grace" in this situation?

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