Decision Maker Response

Tim Kaine’s response

Jun 21, 2019 — Right now — this very minute — millions of LGBTQ people across this country can still be legally discriminated against. They can be denied housing and even be fired simply for being themselves. That's completely unacceptable. It's why I’ve introduced legislation like the Fair and Equal Housing Act and the Protecting LGBTQ Youth Act, and it's why I'm a proud co-sponsor of the Equality Act.

What I learned as a Civil Rights attorney in Virginia — before I ever ran for public office — is that being discriminated against does something to a person's soul. A client of mine who had been denied housing on the basis of race once explained to a jury what it felt like. She said that it was as if she were a paper resume, and when the landlord learned she was Black, he had crumpled her up and tossed her in the trash. Even though she pulled the resume out and tried to un-crumple it, no matter how she tried, she couldn't get it back to where it was. The lines and creases remained. I think of her story to this day.

A pivotal part of forward progress for marginalized communities who face discrimination is enabling people to seek legal recourse. That's what the Civil Rights Act is all about, and it's what the Equality Act will establish.

I’m grateful to Taylor Swift for helping shine a light on this critical legislation with this petition, and to people like you who are stepping up to add your name in the fight against bigotry, hate, and discrimination. I’m going to keep fighting to pass the Equality Act in the Senate, and I’m glad to have you fighting by my side. I know when we all stand together, we can continue to make meaningful progress for LGBTQ Americans!