Decision Maker Response

Cory A. Booker’s response

Jun 11, 2019 — Throughout our history, movements powered by people have propelled our country forward, and today’s times are a true reflection of that legacy. I’m so grateful to Taylor Swift for starting this petition. Seeing it grow to 135K in a matter of days is a demonstration of how change happens, and it’s inspiring.

In March of 2019, I co-introduced the historic, comprehensive federal legislation that you’re all fighting for- the Equality Act of 2019 - to explicitly ban discrimination against LGBTQ Americans.

This legislation passed in the US House of Representatives in May, and now, the Senate must make the right choice and pass this bill. It’s time we come together to provide equal rights and protection to every. single. American. There should be no limitation to the pursuit of happiness and freedom to anyone regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Every LGBTQ person who has ever been made to feel like they don't belong, who has ever been bullied, abused, or discriminated against because of who they are and who they love should know that, in the halls of Congress and in the highest levels of the federal government, we see you, we hear you, we love you.

I signed Taylor Swift’s petition on the Equality Act and I’ll continue to fight in the Senate to pass this critical legislation. The voices of thousands of people like you behind this petition will help power that fight in the Senate, so please help this petition grow by sharing it.

Thank you all for signing this petition, and for your support of the Equality Act. And thank you Taylor Swift for your leadership.

Cory Booker
U.S. Senator, New Jersey

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